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Fix What I Miss
They say we are born from the stars
And that nothing can change who you are
But this night is lonely
And I don’t want to be all alone
For the rain keeps pitter patting
as the night waits the for day
As I sit here singing this song
Staring at the sky praying for you
How does it feel to know you are just a face
Just the start of a painful game the angels asked
Just a name on a blank page
In a room filled with misery with nothing to gain
They say you can’t fix this
Fix you and her  
So things can live easily
life doesn’t work like that
It doesn’t miss
It doesn’t kiss
I just say watch me walk my fears away
This is my song
And these are my words
She was my girl
And she is the most beautiful one in the world
Words can only mean so much
Songs can only live through the night
As the blackness takes you away from my sight
As I fight for you with the light
I put my arm in front of you
Put a blanket on you
Hid you too
As the blackness came marching
Searching for you
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Nice Guys Finish Last.....
Nice guys...
Here I was thinking that it would mean something
Be good for something
But I’m wrong, girls don’t want someone to nurture their heart
Rather they want someone to smash it and tear it apart
Nice guys don’t even enter the race
They just sit on the side of the track, not bothered tying up a single lace
The truth is they need to learn you can’t give a girl your all
Because if you do they won’t even bother giving you a single call
People say the more you make her cry
The more she would want to try
But I don’t understand this maddening scheme after each day that passes by
This is your heart they said
Give it to whoever you desire the rules read
But never did they say it possessed the power to make you feel dead
I know this is just a game
And me losing may be a shame
but after all a game is a game
So I guess being a nice guy I’m just going to have to deal with losing and the pain
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 11 25
Welcome To The Black Parade ~ My Chemical Romance :iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 34 6
A Writer's Absurd Aspirations
We often yearn for that special place we know... a refuge that gives us a sense of peace and belonging. However paradoxically enough this visionary conclusion incarcerates us all regardless of who we aspire to be or do in our mortal bonds.
I am a writer. I am a member of a diatonic realm where colour cannot be fathomed. I advocate the ideology that the pen is mightier than the sword. I live through the blackness of words and the whiteness of their medium. I am a soldier who opposes the chromatic spectrum's vividness with menacing letters. I even possess a vocabulary which may seem vulgar or verbose. But as much as I envy it, as much as I deny it and as much as I loathe it, the inevitable truth still stands tall there is nothing more I want in this wondrous world than to belong to the grace of colour.
Why is humanity doomed to live in such specified parameters? Each one of us are losing ourselves inch by inch as our multifaceted aspects become blurred due to the places, people, ideas an
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Another One Night Stand
Audacious, argent rays penetrate through the transparent window, to resurrect the iridescent sanctity that once lived in this apartment of sin.  Resplendently they march through the unknown, forcibly dispersing the creatures of the night back into the blackness. The moon's lustrous radiance finally greets me, moistening my profane countenance, awakening me from my evanescent, peaceful slumber. Once discovered the light immediately evaporates back into the night, as my damned reality sets back into format. I raise my throbbing head and disregard the woman lying in this bed beside me, as I realise I am located in a peculiar yet familiar environment. I scan her habitat and remember the past celebrations which scar this chamber of secrets, as tonight's sinful deeds and lustful desires paint the walls a devious red. I place my feet on the foreign and sticky surface and am welcomed abruptly by a flaring stench of the devil's alcoholic concoction, disorientating my vital senses. I r
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A Mistake Ridden Misadventure
The lights flash in an exhilarating fashion. Everything is dark and then for just one moment, the world around me ignites with wonder. From the sky above lasers come blaring down, striking the dance floor as if they were beamed with the precision of God's own hand.  The music reverberates through the room as the beat bewitches my body to dance as if no one was watching. It vibrates through me and for that one second it intoxicates my soul, uplifting me to a place I cannot reach in this tedious physical dimension.
The air is electric as my conscious rejoices that tonight is my night. Scattered throughout the club, my friends glare at me in a semi-conscious fashion.  Either I join them in their evanescent popularity, or I return to my life of mediocrity and remain alienated from the social scene, isolated from feeling the contentment which comes with knowing I belong.  There is just one small penance though, I must drink enough to fly with the green pixies a
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Untitled: Love is a feeling not a definition
That raw emotion that poets dare to frolic with
That magical commodity that fable tellers dare to mangle with
That filler of voids that we individuals strive to understand
As we walk down life's foot path with open hands.
For some, love is merely a word blended into this achromatic world in black and white
Perishing in the gutter alongside with our homeless hopes and our banished dreams lying out of sight
For some, love is more frightening than pain, than misery, than death
They learn to fear the angel bearing crimson heart shaped arrows rather than the reaper of souls, the agent of death.
For some, love is the closest substance they can get to magic
They say the mere scent of it leads one to divine empyreans where loves resplendence lights out everything tragic
For some, love is as crucial as the air we breathe, day in day out
They say that it revitalises the soul, the spirit and the heart with angels blessings slaying fear and doubt.
But I say, love shouldn't be neglected and
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Life Is A Choice Of Pen
Life Is a choice of pen
Having good or evil intentions and ambitions doesn't alter its colour or how much is written
It scratches down our cold past, our interchangeable present and waits advertently for the mysterious future
It holds the same intangible qualities of life by being able to spur our devious species to make irrational decisions
I've seen our despised kind kill in the name of what is written or being audacious enough to die defending such simple words
But words do not bleed, they do not care, they do not fight or love but only embody our existence giving us meaning manifesting life
In the end all we really want is to leave this world with our own individual alteration on the world's page
Perhaps a full stop, a name or even a single word will suffice, for it is sadly a common objective we all aspire for
My pen has manipulated my soul and in collateral crafted this heart trending mortal writing this piece today
My pen has played me, it has hurt me and seems to have no consci
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 14 13
My world wasn't enough for you, nor was my all
My weakness is I can' t do much, much at all
Maybe it was my fault by being foolish enough to believe in such gambles
Maybe it was my fault to fall into these cursed shambles
Thou art My Juliet and I thou Romeo
Seems like how things ended up I'm in the worse Brother Romeo
Seems like this ended like the end of Macbeth
Leaving me assimilated with eternal death
They say God is in the rain
But all I feel is my floundering heart in the cliché of pain
What you found in peace you left in pieces
What you left behind never ceases
My love was your disposable commodity
Now leaving me to move on with this life of mediocrity
These scars remind me that the past was in fact real
That the love I felt for you was joke that would never heal
Maybe it was pathetic of me to sulk over you
Seeing how it took you no time to get over me and start anew
I carried your hardships on my deteriorating shoulders
As I fought and pushed away the monsters and boulders
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 17 11
Maybe it's my fault
Maybe I led You to believe that this was all easy that You could do the inexorable
Maybe I could somehow change the undeniable
Maybe bounds of mortality did not affect You
Maybe pain and suffering revealed something that no one else can learn but You
Maybe freedom was not a God given gift, but had to be earned
Maybe knowledge was the curse that humanity had learned
Maybe love gave You life
Maybe love gave You strife
Maybe heroes were born to embody the benevolence and honesty in this world
Maybe villains were born to embody the abnormality of our human nature in this world
Maybe things fall apart so better things fall together
Maybe Your making excuses why You are no longer together
Maybe You all should just give up now
Maybe You shouldn't and focus on the here and now
Maybe there isn't a God watching over us
Maybe there is a God advocating for us
Maybe it was admirable of Me to make You believe in something intangible
Maybe it was foolish of Me to make You believe
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 17 14
Morph suit UP :iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 0 0
Death's Arrow
Love seeps into my body endeavoring my strength as my heart's life depletes into the night
As the symphonies of war screech around me I gaze into the oceans eyes  
Her blueness in her eyes are now going back out to sea as her life begins to swim away from this fight
Her chest rises and sinks and her luminous tears drip out the pains of the past burning the skies
The darkness eating her is stronger than me, stronger than love
An arrow caresses her tanned skin and leaves her gasping for breath as death smiles in front of me
Her blood drips and splashes onto my skin weakening me as death slays the hopeful dove
The swift arrow of death grows out of her forsaken shoulder as I stand there like a suicidal zombie
As hope is released from the cursed box in my heart, I whisk my woven hand around her tangled earthy hair
Her sapphires lock onto my hazel eyes as I whisper to her I will save you…
I raise my resilient hand and grasp the arrow of death and count to three to end the nigh
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 9 12
Flowers of humanity
Life records every little moment in every individual's life; it directs exactly where your heading
Even the factor choice in the equation doesn't slow it down; it continues on adjusting and bending
This contraption we call life is filled with bolts and cogs with an algorithm sending us to our destiny
It doesn't follow the orders we choose but the worlds as our thoughts are evaluated as loony
Yet this mechanism gets it right placing us saying, doing exactly where we need to be
This function excavating our paths through life may be accepted by the weak but not by me…
We are not bewildered kittens locked in a destiny's dungeons
We are all deviant artistic heroes and we were born to liberate others with our light
My brothers and sisters allow hope to fill your actions and fight on till our dying day like Trojans
For the fear that rains inside of us is as fake as the deception of sight
We are all meant to fly like phoenixes unbound by the fears of death as hope lies in the ashes
We can
:iconthefableteller:TheFableTeller 12 2


"The Square Root of Three"

by David Feinberg

I'm sure that I will always be
A lonely number like root three

The three is all that's good and right,
Why must my three keep out of sight
Beneath the vicious square root sign,
I wish instead I were a nine

For nine could thwart this evil trick,
with just some quick arithmetic

I know I'll never see the sun, as 1.7321
Such is my reality, a sad irrationality

When hark! What is this I see,
Another square root of a three

As quietly co-waltzing by,
Together now we multiply
To form a number we prefer,
Rejoicing as an integer

We break free from our mortal bonds
With the wave of magic wands

Our square root signs become unglued
Your love for me has been renewed



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